Waiting Periods for Post Foreclosure, Short Sale & Bankruptcy

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"When can I purchase again?"

Waiting Periods After a Foreclosure, Short Sale or Bankruptcy





USDA Rural



7 years from completion of foreclosure

3 years from completion date, FHA pays the initial claim & clears CAIVR

2 years from foreclosure date

3 years from completion date

5-7 years from trust deed rate

Short Sale

2 years – max 80% LTV

4 years – max 90% LTV

7 years – max LTV allowable

3 years from completion date if in default at time of sale

2 years from completion date

USDA has no specific information – assume same as foreclosure

5-7 years from completion date

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

4 years from discharge/ dismissal

2 years from discharge – AUS approval

2 years from discharge date

3 years from discharge date

5-7 years from discharge date

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

2 years from discharge

4 years from dismissal

1 yr of payment period must have elapsed with satisfactory payment performance and permission from the court

1 day from completion of payment plan if all payments were satisfactory and with permission from the court

3 years from discharge date

5-7 years from discharge date

All waiting periods are subject to underwriting approvals.  These programs are available only to qualified borrowers and are subject to change without notice.  Some restrictions may apply.

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