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Purchase a Home with BMC Keystone

When it comes to buying a home and searching for a mortgage loan, you have many options including going to your local bank, searching for lenders online, or contacting a local lender. What is different about BMC Keystone is that we are not a lender; we are a mortgage broker, dedicated to finding the best loan with the lowest rate for you.


Lots of Mortgage Options

We have access to several types of mortgage loans including, low money down loans, FHA/VA Loans, Conventional, USDA Loans, Fannie or Freddie MAC Programs, Reverse Mortgages, Bank Portfolio Loans and more!

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We are very familiar with the quirks and requirements of each lender, including Freddie and Fannie, and by following their policies for underwriting, BMC Keystone makes the loan pre-qualification and pre-approval process as smooth as possible.


Personal Service

With BMC Keystone, you can depend on attentive service which you won't get from the big banks and online lenders. Quick loan approvals, personal responses to calls and emails, fast resolution to any obstacles that may arise, and we personally attending your settlement.

Terri Sirriani BMC Keysone Home Mortgage

Terri Sirianni,
Mortgage Advisor

Terri is the President of BMC Mortgage Corp, with over 25 years in the mortgage and financial industries. The majority of that time has been spent growing the company, BMC Keystone Home Mortgage, and helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Franco DAngelo BMC Keystone Home Mortgage

Frank D'Angelo,
Mortgage Advisor

Frank (Franco) D'Angelo is one of the most hard-working mortgage advisors you’ll ever meet. After many years in the mortgage banking industry, Frank decided that working in his local community where he could provide a personal level of service is exactly where he wanted to be.

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Contact us to schedule a complimentary mortgage consultation to talk about your refinance options.

  • Know your credit scores and how they affect your rates
  • Know how much you still owe on your current mortgage and what it's costing you
  • Review loan options and see if you qualify for any special programs
  • Overcome credit issues so that you can get the lowest possible rate
  • Know if refinancing makes sense for you
  • Get a letter of pre-qualification

Request an appointment online or call our office during regular business hours at (215) 885-4828.

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The BMC Keystone Advantage

Online lenders can't match our personalized service.  We search the market - even the wholesale market - for the best loans and specialty programs to find our clients the lowest rates, the most favorable terms and the lowest fees.

Dedicated Service

From free consultations to help resolving credit issues, we are dedicated to finding a mortgage loan that works for YOU!

Lowest Fees

We fight to find borrowers the best loans with the lowest fees and there is no fee to use our service.  When we finalize your loan, the lender pays our fee.

Local Expertise

We are local lending experts and have earned a reputation as one of Pennsylvania’s most respected mortgage brokers.

BMC Keystone helps people all over Pennsylvania find the best mortgage loans.

Paula & Chad
Paula & Chad

"Your assistance in getting us re-financed into a fabulous lower rate will always be appreciated. You are a true professional and processed everything in a timely manner. Many, many thanks."

Beverly M
Beverly M

"It isn’t often that someone takes the time to go the extra mile, and I appreciate all of your efforts to help me in getting my mortgage loan refinanced. A thousand thanks!"