Pennsylvania Mortgage Advisors

I need a Mortgage. Where do I start?

To help you understand more about applying for a mortgage or refinancing we have listed below the process one goes through in obtaining a loan. BMC Keystone Mortgage is the leader in local mortgages with local processing, local and centralized underwriters and many investors as options.


This is a process where we form a plan that fits within the borrowers budget and financial goals. We think a little outside the box, we feel that a borrower should take a look at their net income (net of taxes) and make a plan for what percentage of your income you want to allocate for payment

This step should be done 6-9 months prior to looking for a home. This was you know how expensive a home you can afford before you start looking for one and can make a decision based on reality versus emotion. An emotion decision normally does not make financial sense.

If you are refinancing the loan on your existing home, then the pre-qualification process should help you decide whether refinancing is a good idea for you.


The application is the beginning of the loan process and either occurs after you have found a property you want to buy or have determined that you wish to refinance the loan on your existing home. You complete a mortgage application for a particular loan program and, supply all of the required documentation for processing. The application information consists of your employment, financial and credit information. Some of the information you should expect include:

  • 2 Years Income Tax Returns
  • 2 Months recent bank statements (all pages)
  • Copies of your most recent 401k statements (within quarter)
  • Current Pay Stubs
  • Copies of Drivers License
Once all information is received your file is submitted for underwriting. An underwriter validates the information that is provided. The loan will be approved according to the terms in the application.