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Don't pass on the otherwise perfect house over a dated kitchen and ugly bathroom.

It's a great house in your ideal location. The yard is perfect and there's plenty of room. It's practically a blank canvas but you really wanted an open floor plan with a state of the art kitchen. When looking past "all the cosmetic stuff" is an obstacle, BMC Keystone can help you turn an ugly house into your dream home with a renovation loan. Home improvement loans can help you finance repairs, renovations and additions to your home.

New Construction Alternative

When you can't seem to find the "perfect" house, remember how smart renovations add value to a home and instantly build equity. And with the right type of mortgage loan, you can finance those renovations as part of your mortgage and ultimately get into a home that looks and feels brand new.

Your Dream Home is Affordable

We are very familiar with renovation loans. We help home buyers close on a new home or investment property - with money for major renovations - with just one loan. We can run different scenarios for you and show you how much you can afford and how much you could safely invest in renovations. Then we shop the refinance home improvement mortgage market, see if you qualify for any special programs and find you the lowest possible rates.

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