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Renting costs a lot. Assuming you pay $1200 per month and that your landlord increases rent 5% each year, your five year cost is nearly $80,000.  And any money you spent to make improvements....gone!

When buying a home, your mortgage is being paid down, equity is built…after 5 years a $250,000 mortgage is being reduced to $227,000 adding $13,000 to your net worth, in ten years reduced to 200,000 adding $50,000 to your net worth, By the way that didn’t take into consideration, the increase in the value of your home which even adds more equity into your pocket!

Yes, your landlord is very thankful to you, but are you happy?

With low interest rates today and programs such as USDA with zero money down and a seller can pay all closing costs, why are you renters sitting on the fence. We can put a budget together to get you into a house that you own, build equity, and have something to call your own or perhaps in years to come you become the landlord!

Programs available only to qualified borrowers. These are subject to change.

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